Lacy Talley
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Visual Art – Cleveland, OH

Lacy Talley is a graphic designer, illustrator and animator from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a senior at Kent State University majoring in Visual Communication Design and minoring in Pan African Studies. Through the study abroad programs offered at Kent State, Lacy has traveled to Ghana, Africa during the summer of 2017 to begin her journey of collecting historical anecdotes from the native people about influential people they recognize within their communities for her six-part animation series. This upcoming May, she will be continuing her studying abroad journey in Senegal, Africa to further her education on African leaders that had an impact on African culture, history, and civilization. What drives Lacy is her passion to teach young children of color to take pride in their heritage and to help them understand that they are the precious gift to this earth by creating a platform where they can feel empowered. ...more