Lainie Willow

Accessories – Los Angeles

My name Lainie Willow. I was Born to a Jazz singer and a CPA in the East side of Anaheim. My mom has always been involved in entertainment. She took me on tour with her to Tokyo Japan when I was 6; changing my life forever. I have never got the sweet smell of ripe plastic out of my system, screaming shiny electronics, and the flashy lights of a busy city. It’s in me and I love it! Cultured in art at a young age I have traveled the world and seen many historical sights that have inspired a worldly understanding and appreciation of the arts and creation in general. I am a natural born hustler. I’ve been free-lancing as a graphic/web designer ever sense I became an educated designer in 1997. I have worked with recording artists, movie directors, music producers, and DJ’s. I am a 3rd generation artist. I have been designing in the digital arts for 12 years now. Working in the fields of advertising, publishing, marketing, and event/night club promotions. I have done everything from the product development of a new vodka to the illustration of a children's book and everything in between. I love to improve upon things that are already great and make them even better. I am now developing myself as a pop artist in wacky world of digital art!