La línea el cuerpo

Visual Art – Montréal

Jorge Tejeda (La línea el cuerpo) was born in Lima, Peru. He emigrated to Montréal, Canada in 2009 where he lives and work since then. He is an architect by profession, and he navigates between architecture and art (as a self-taught artist). His interest on drawing and painting has been present since his early years, but it is in 2020 that he started pursuing his passion by giving an important place to drawing, painting and the construction of a body of work. As his body of work name, La línea el cuerpo (which means: the line the body), he focuses on human figure, mainly male figure. The lines are an essential part of the construction of his drawings, as they are the masses and voids as well. Sensitivity, strength, movement, and stillness are often part of the visual universe of his work. The emotion, as a beneath-the-skin inspiration is often present in his compositions. He tries to put some beauty inside-out. He uses mainly materials such as acrylic painting and acrylic based markers on paper and wood panels.