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Accessories – Phoenix, AZ

My name is Yolanda Curry! I am happily married and a mother of 6 adult children. I am a native of Chicago Illinois but Phoenix Arizona has been my home for over 20 years. My love for art and designing began at age 10 when I found that I enjoyed drawing, sewing and taking used items and repurposing it to create something exciting and new. I started designing and sewing clothes and did local fashion shows in my teen years. I later began styling hair and watching the faces of my clients light up when they felt good about themselves. After we homeschooled the last three of our children I stepped back into the work world. I realized that going back to a regular job and stressful boss my health, and desire to create had been compromised. My loving husband told me he would love for me to go back to creating and designing, he knew I missed it and would enjoy the peace I get while creating. That's when I began again but this time it was jewelry and accessories the joy of turning items like Clay, Metal, Paper, Wire, Fabric, Stones, Beads etc. into a piece of art was just what the doctor ordered. I now enjoy bringing color and style while being uniquely custom to the world of accessories. ...more