La Sirena Photography

Photography – Austin

I am a Puerto Rican who has lived all over the United States. Photography has always been one of my greatest passions. Before becoming a photographer, I worked as a traveling nurse for many years. Under many circumstances, working as a nurse, I saw, \" the good, bad and the ugly...\" in people. These individuals were just being humans. I was able to witness these events everywhere I traveled from the patients, families, spouses, partners or even the staff that comprised the teams I worked with throughout the years. I was blessed and humbled to see it all. I learned how short life is and how unexpected situations can change one\'s life instantly. My soul sought to be able to express joy and the vibrancy of life in my photos! As a photographer, when I focused my lens on what was in my line of sight, it spoke to me. I made it my mission to focus on even life\'s smallest details. Each place, subject, or thing that I photographed had a vibration of its own! Everything else ceased to exist. I wanted to capture the essence of life and keep doing so for the rest of my life! So, with gratitude and for your consideration, that is why I have become a RAW Artist.