Visual Art – Austin

As a self taught artist, Laura first came to appreciate art through travel and the many examples of cultural art around the world. As an adolescent world traveler she was exposed to the classical art of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Growing up in an artistic and musical household Laura always felt the arts were her first love and experimented with many artistic styles and mediums. After high school she pursued a career in aviation studies allowing her even further travel and providing time for her to explore her artistic voice. "Being an untrained artist allows me to be very free with my art. I'm not trying to emulate anyone or perform in the style of someone. It's a natural, and sometimes painful process of artistic emotional discovery. While I can appreciate the beauty of the classics and the techniques of great artists; in order to be great you must commit to your own sense of self and find your own voice. The world already has a Picasso. I strive to be myself and create what feels true to me." She tries to showcase a wide variety of styles, techniques, and mediums. Her work places an emphasis on texture, color and depth. Her work presents an idea or mood to the audience focusing less on what the actual eye sees but more on what the subconscious mind experiences and putting that on canvas.