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Accessories – Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

LaurenSPINZ is the brainchild of artist Lauren Banks. A native Chicagoan, Lauren studied improvisation at the Players Workshop of Second City and then continued her education as a Theater Arts major at Hampton University, earning a BA with Honors. After graduation Lauren relocated to Los Angeles where she broadened her artistic pursuits earning multiple certifications in stage combat and swordplay. Throughout her journey, Lauren felt a deep connection to the energy and properties of certain crystals and stones, notably quartz, amethyst, hematite, and tektites. As a continuation of her artistic endeavors, Lauren began studying the energy and properties of crystals and stones. This connection eventually led to the incorporation of crystals into her personal jewelry, and a business was born. When possible each crystal is sourced from the United States. Each piece is handmade, saged, and made with intention in Los Angeles. ...more