Visual Art – San Antonio

L.A. David, asserts he was aware of his aptitude for art while in his youth and claims that it was only enhanced when he attended San Antonio Community College where his artistic inclinations bloomed. He was able to dabble with various styles and mediums which cultivated his knowledge of different artists and countless art movements such as Impressionism, Cubism, Dadaism and Pop Art. He says, “At SAC, I explored my purpose as an artist; however, I am also aware that an artist is constantly exploring and experimenting.” He adds, “The process of this constant exploration is intrinsic to my art.” ​ His artistic exploration of contours, line drawing, rendering, etc., has embarked L.A. on a unique, expression-driven explosion of cosmic comic relief. Take for example his series of caricatures entitled, “Los Burros” which is a fusion of humorous and eclectic exaggeration depictions of “vatos y vatas” from the barrios who communicate with space aliens and Nahuatl ancestors. They are the individuals in touch with their indigenous and cosmic roots who have returned to their communities from Planeta Burro. In their mission to inspire the younger generation of burros in a cool, funky and distinctive way of relating to current issues enmeshed in our populations. Such issues are evident in paintings emphasized in “Chicano Cosmico Arte” although other paintings interpose low-rider culture with the burros representing the driving force that propels the movement into socio-political themes depicted in works like, “Remember el Alamo”. L.A. says that “los burros” are everywhere,