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Craft – Boston, MA

“Layo” means joy! We are a small company created by a concerned mom Funmi-Mariane and the support of her husband and two daughters In 2016. An enthusiast who loves to create products using essential oils, organic and natural plant- based ingredients. My passion for skincare products was fueled by the adverse effects of various ingredients in the market, especially when we had our daughters. We realize many forms of medicine and products in today’s selfcare, actually do more harm than good to our bodies. So we decided to study and learn natural ways of bringing healing, and balance back to our bodies. The combination of many years in the health-care field, my passion for healthy living, the study of using essential oils as a lifestyle has help create layostore! We are now able to share our knowledge, and nourishing products with everyone. When not working, Funmi-Mariane loves cooking, baking, catering to my garden/herbs, traveling, hiking, ice-skating with my family, fashion and creating more skincare recipes. ...more

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Showcasing in Boston, MA

STELLAR at Mixx 360 (16+) – Oct 17, 2019 @7:00PM