Leah G.
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Craft – St. Louis, MO

I am 26 years young. I have a passion for creative cooking and work with many different art mediums. (Ceramics, painting, fabric dying, sewing, pillow painting, photography, etc. These will all be at my showcase table.) I absolutely love fashion and to model. I take local St louis modeling jobs any chance I get. Meeting new photographer friends via Instagram for me, has been extremely successful. Just use your head and be smart. I am a resourceful person, so any chance I get to reuse something for an art piece makes me happy. I use natural fruit juice dyes for designs on my fabrics. I use left over egg cartons to make homemade letter writing paper. This goes for almost anything but if I can make it on my own with my hands, I will. I am a builder and a creator. I believe people will really be interested in what processes my work goes through to get to the final product, thanks to all of the interesting and complex techniques I used and learned in Art School. I tell stories through my work. ...more