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My name is Lester Platt. I’m a 36 year-old Cinematographer, Graphic Designer, and Published Photographer based out of New York City and Austin, TX. I studied graphic design and photography in Rome, Italy. In my 20’s, I was able to travel all around the world and fell in love with the feeling of being in a different airport all the time. I have lived in El Salvador, Argentina, Italy, New York, and now Austin, TX. In 2012, I was still living in El Salvador when met my wife on Facebook, she was living in New York and after 8 eternal months of FaceTiming, I decided to move to New York. Her hobby was photography and I was a freelancer doing graphic design for all kinds of companies worldwide, editing photos and videos from other creatives. After a friend reached out to us in New York to shoot her wedding, we realized we could make a living by having fun and creating together. We saved and invested in professional equipment and teamed up with other creatives from New York. Since then, we have grown and learned together on every project. We started this magical and hard journey of being business owners, transforming what was just a dream into a full-time profession. Lester Platt Productions LLC now runs not only in New York City, but Austin, TX and Los Angeles, California since 2013. We create high quality content on a monthly basis for different corporations and individuals with the satisfaction of making a living by doing what we love. ...more

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ARISE at Emo's (18+) – Nov 06, 2019 @7:00PM