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Music – Chicago, IL

Preface: This is a side project. LFT2WRT started because Chicago band Good Luck Jane was ending. We had nearly a million youtube streams, song placements, and performances on TV. Still, despite our good luck (ba dum tss) for the others it was time for the “real world.” I couldn’t accept that so I went back to square one, thinking of artist names and symbols that could encompass everything I would create. One day the answer came to me on my sister’s desk, a Rubik's cube. At the time, I was 24, and if anything could resemble my constant theorizing and re-theorizing it was the many shades and sides of the cube. Like Pink Floyd’s "Dark Side of the Moon" concept album, I’d do a concept project-modeling the cube. The color of each side would reflect the themes on that album (red, love; blue sad; etc), the 9 songs on each album would be closely linked, but so would the songs on other albums, essentially offering a different side to the same story. On 01.01.2020, I released the first bit “1OO” (oneinfinity). The tracks 1, OO, and O2 reflect the release date, and the album title "1OO" is made of the individual track titles “1”OO and O2 (two oh's), which is meant to offer a taste of what to expect from the entire project. ...more