Liliya Skubish

Visual Art – New York - Brooklyn

Liliya Skubish was born in Kishinev, Moldova, and her family moved back to Russia when she was two years old. After finishing art school in her hometown of Mendeleevsk, she entered the Teacher Training Institute in Naberezhnie Chelny where she studied an academic approach to art. One year before graduating, Liliya moved to Brooklyn, NY where she went to The New York City College of Technology, CUNY studying Graphic Design and later, animation. She turned to illustration after being influenced by her teacher and thesis curator Anthony Accardo, a successful artist – illustrator. She completely surrendered to the study of illustration when she discovered The Golden Age of Illustration around the turn of the 20th century, and it evidently affected her artistic style. After graduation Liliya has worked on commissions for fairy tale themed paintings as well as keeping up with her own projects. Liliya considers she is self-taught: where she stands now is the product of her regular visits to life drawing studio (Spring Studio in Soho, New York) and looking at art from early renaissance to present. The most recent project has been the illustrating of Master and Margarita by Michael Bulgakov. This work is presented in Tradestone Gallery in Baltimore.