Lily Ward

Visual Art – Newcastle

Born with different opinions, which are reflected in my artworks. I have worked on commissions for large companies aiding Newcastle TAFE in achieving levels of excellence through design and work ethic, Including HMA Trophies & The Honeysuckle Development Corporation. Involved in over 17 exhibitions, including my First solo-exhibition held in July 2014, \'Fe\'. Including being a finalist in the Brenda Clouten Memorial Traveling Artist Scholarship for Young Achieving Artists, the exhibition being held at Maitland Regional Art Gallery, alongside the MCA exhibition including works by Julie Rrap among others. I am Currently continuing my study in Fine Arts at Newcastle University to receive My BFA, my previous study was completed At Hunter Street Campus holding a Advanced Diploma In Visual arts. International artist residencies in Russia and a transfer to Germany await to further inspire and broaden my work.