Lindsay Fialka
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Music – Ottawa, ON

Travelling from her stomping grounds, Manitoba, Lindsay is making her roots in the east side. Carrying stories along with her, she longs to share them with you all. With a singer-songwriter style, her inspirations and influences derive from all the diverse places she has called home. Growing up on a farm listening to bluegrass and country classics - to living in a summer resort town listening to folk, indie and rock, while picking up taste for various other genres along the way... she adds a little bit of everything into her music. Through the years Lindsay has played at Whoop and Hollar Folk Festival '19, attended multiple radio sessions to play a live song and chat, and has recently released a studio recorded original, "Lady Bug". Currently... Lindsay is working on getting the rest of her songs recorded to be released, and keeping her eyes out for the next local open mics. The song writing never stops for this gal, so stay tuned for lots more in the future! ...more