Accessories – Salt Lake City

ANGLE In a Nutshell ANGLE’s fine jewelry is edgy and unique, yet simple and comfortable. The carefully made, long-lasting quality is affordable and great for every-day wear, no matter the occasion. It can be difficult to find simplistic and comfortable jewelry that still makes an impression and accentuates your style – but ANGLE does just that. Each piece is delicately hand-sawed, fired, sanded and polished individually. ANGLE is quirky and unique just like you. Live Your ANGLE. How It Began My passion and obsession for metalsmithing began while taking classes in high school. After having it on my brain for several years, but not having the equipment or tools, I finally took the plunge and bought what I needed after graduating from college. After non-stop doodling and experimenting for a little over a year, I decided to start applying to sell at local farmers markets and see what happened. I fell in love with getting to know so many great people and sharing my creations that I’m now taking a stab at being a full-time creator and running my own metalsmithing business. I’m working my way to becoming a market gypsy with a cooler than cool glamper and studio!