Liz Beson
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Visual Art – Denver, CO

Liz Beson is an acrylic and mixed-media artist who uses nature, human bodies, and vivid colors to create surrealist and realist pieces. The palette she uses is comprised of colors she hand mixes to get the right kind of bright-but-light pink or midday sky blue. Growing up in the eastern lowlands of Michigan, the striking geographical features of the west are making their way into her work. Like her wardrobe, she likes to use black to create high-contrast in her art and because of its relation to authority, grief, and mystery. While painting, she is normally supervised by her 13.5 lb. Manx cat named Sir Ragnall, though he likes to play with the paintbrushes which is problematic. She holds a B.A. in American Sign Language (ASL), linguistics, and international relations and found her way to Boulder, CO after living in Poland and France. ...more