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Lili Klu is a Togolese American clothing designer best known for her African line LK Fashion line, the centerpiece of her fashion design. Lili Klu was born Lare Lalitibe in Togo, West Africa. She works in retails with her mom while pushing for education at the prestigious school of Designers. The brand she created and established is now part of an African empire that includes home furnishings, luxury clothing and dining based on a fantasy aesthetic of upper-crust life. LK Fashion design was inspired by the main concept of African art. For the past couple years, LK FASHION garments and accessories have been raising their fashion status all over America. The cuts, the patterns, and all the different colors from the African continent give us a new artistic perspective. Since the patterns have been there since the beginning of time, let’s just say that it helps us rediscover our love for what has already been there. African fashion has been revisited by fashion designer Lili. LK FASHION fabrics come straight from Africa and the patterns and colors of these fabrics are often themselves designed and hand dyed according to her wishes, in accordance with African tradition. We create African fashion collections for women, an African fashion line for men, sets for children, original clothes for the artists or unique for big events such as weddings. Each of our clothing is unique. Lili is inspired by her African roots, Togolese born fashion Designer and stylist, Lili Klu is a graduate from the “Ecole des Couturiers” in Lomé (Togo capital) in Africa. She moves to San Diego California in 2000 and start working as independent designer for the African community in San Diego. To further advance her career, she auditioned for the 9th runway of Fashion Week San Diego. LK Fashion African clothing have been specifically handpicked from some of the most beautiful and unique African prints we do have on the continent. We feature African Clothing which include African Laces, African Print Attire, Kente, dashiki, African Wedding apparel, traditional clothes, and more. The African clothing and accessory lines we carry are not mass produced, but the African attires are personally and individually made by LiLi to preserve the uniqueness of the fabrics. Our clothes are authentic. Highlighted in the ‘San Diego Voice and View Point’ in San Diego California, LK has been featured in lot of international and national publications and has appeared on numerous events and television shows.