LolopopArt by Lauren White Murphy

Visual Art – Los Angeles

LolopopArt is Irish born-LA based artist; Lauren White Murphy's vision, in custom hand-painted portraits and contemporary pieces. They are vibrant & bold with a rich textured style, with her distinctive 24 karat gold and diamond dust . Lauren was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in April 2018 and had a very successful career as a composer and ghostwriter, and it affected her career. One day she woke up with the urge to paint and draw with no prior experience or training and is writing a book on about her MS and newfound art journey. She has created pieces for Selma Blair, Khloe Kardashian, Perez Hilton, The Jersey Shore Cast to name a few. Media, Music & Pop Culture are Lauren's loves and she takes inspiration from everything around her and what drives her With vibrant blasts of color , charcoal and 24 karat gold with diamond dust-this is Laurens brand for LolopopArt and also creates a sense of significance and depth and to be one of a kind.