Danny Lopes
Danny Lopes Profile Picture
Visual Art – Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

Abstract expressionist, Danny Lopes creates from a place of visceral fortitude. He paints possibility and exploration; his mixed media creations set an experiential platform. Born out of life at its fullest, his colour emersions and mixed media compilations touch chance and dance with possibility. Danny sees the world and its beings as boundless and his pieces speak to the infinite in all that is and could be. Inspired by the works of Pollock, Dali, his cousin, Portuguese surreal artist Dina Lopes, and the streets of New York, Miami, LA and Lisbon, each piece has a tone all its own, the stories of which are subjective and ever changing. Innovating from a place of pride and promise, having lived dreams and endured mêlée as an artist, entertainer, and visionary, his works are the stuff of stars. They are ageless, timeless, and immutable much like the artist himself. Luso-American artist, Danny Lopes currently resides in Hollywood, California. His XingXang Studios produces physical and digital works inclusive of large-scale paintings, original garments, cinematographic art, and media works. ...more