Luis De La Tota

Music – Boise

Luis is a beloved teacher and musician known for his ability to share the secrets of flamenco compás with endless energy, humor and grace. Born in one of the oldest Gypsy neighborhoods of Jerez de La Frontera, El Barrio de Santiago, Luis de la Tota began his career as a percussionist at the age of 8. He takes his artistic name from his grandmother ‘La Tota’, who has been an inspiration to him since his infancy. As a percussionist and palmero, Luis tours with flamenco’s top artists such as Antonio Del Pipa, Maria Del Mar Moreno, Fernando de La Morena, El Capullo, Moraito, Diego Carrasco and Angelita Vargas and has come to the Bay Area several times with dancer Maria “Chacha”Bermudez. As a Flamenco lyricist, his verses (letras) have been recorded widely and his work as a percussionist can be heard on many CDs. Finally, it may surprise you to know that for their love of Heavy Metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Luis along with his twin brother Ali (who is also a palmero) consider themselves to be ‘Flamenco Heavies.’