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Visual Art – San Diego, CA

Creative Artist in various mediums to include vocal performance, dance, painting, poetry, and largely focused on holistic, rustic and functional art. Created a startup project called Etheric Enchantment with the vision to eventually create a space for emerging artists, creatives for causes, healing arts, and art/music therapy for military & vets on a donation basis. As a disabled Veteran myself, I went through my own struggle to get off of pain pills after walking away from the military with a cane. Had to learn through the school of hard knocks how to heal utilizing holistic measures and not just pop a pill. Went through this journey through charity work, painting, earning my right to dance and wear heels again after many bouts of physical therapy & singing/music. Sometimes people are not aware there are other alternatives to conventional medicine & we need to be our own advocate in the healing process. Thanks for letting me share!!! Check out Etheric Enchantment on Facebook or IG: chicaqcanta ...more