MAAK Clothing

Fashion – Canberra

The name MAAK originates from Charne Esterhuizen’s national language Afrikaans. It means to ‘make something’ and is a strong connection to Charne’s brand and culture. In 2015, Charne will launch her graduating collection on the runway at FASHFEST. MAAK is an innovative, independent label with all garments designed around aspects of everyday living. This unisex, street and sports-inspired clothing is a perfect fit for those who want to freely express themselves. Charne designs for males and females, aged 20 to 35 years, who are immersed in city life. Her consumers have sophisticated, yet rebellious personalities. They’re always busy and hard-working, whether at uni or in jobs. Personal freedom is an important aspect of their lives. They’re driven by communication, group activities and social media. All garments produced under the MAAK labels are designed and locally made by the fashion designer herself, using innovative patterns. Where possible, Charne focuses on minimal waste during production. MAAK’s debut collection at FASHFEST 2015 is not necessary made for sport, but has a strong sport aesthetic. Charne graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design), from the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) in 2014.