Maritza Torres

Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown

BORN IN Utah in 1983, as the eldest daughter of a large Mexican-American family Maritza has been given a very unique view of life. After working in the Fashion Industry for over 7 years she is now making the conscious effort to be engrossed by the art and not the market. With her work she wants to create a new persona for the female. Color and bold lines create a psychotropic world, of feminine heroes. Her intentions for all her pieces are to reveal the ferocity and mischievous nature of the female sex. Traits that are mostly ignored or suppressed by mainstream culture’s portrayal of the ideal woman. Combining this theme with tribal motifs and patterns she brings the viewer to a new place. Where the distant past unites with the edge of the future. Lets embrace the unknown and each amazing culture the world has to offer SEE ALL MY WORK AND FOLLOW ME ON TUMBLR: