Visual Art – Los Angeles

Magnolia Howell ( Pen-name- Magnolia Lafleur ) is a Professional Track and Field Athlete on the Trinidad and Tobago National Team training for the 2016 Olympics as well as a Fine Artist and Writer working in Los Angeles. She was born in Sacramento, CA and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico and Omaha, Nebraska from a Panamanian mother and Trinidadian father. She attended California State Long Beach and majored in Journalism with an International Business Certificate from London, England. As a Writer Magnolia's had her work published in multiple news outlets including but not limited to, Novica National Geographic, Sublime Magazine, The Long Beach Gazette, as well as the Oxford Poetry Society Magazine, ASH, in London, England. She currently is sponsored by NIKE and trains under renowned Coach Bobby Kersee with some of the hardest working athletes in the world. Along with running professionally, Magnolias' art work is currently making the gallery rounds in L.A, and creating buzz, with a recent write up in the Huffington Post. Magnolia is a contemporary and surrealism artist, whose work is based upon her poems/short-stories. The majority of themes that surround Magnolias' work is what she calls, 'Egg, Sperm and Stardust.' "My art is basically centered around nature and the ingredients that make man, man. My work aims to explore the essence of true, unfettered and untainted love (our nature at birth), our endless pursuit to manifest our sole purpose, our spirits calling, on this planet as well as the importance of rebellion; solving our inner- riddle through self-reflection in order to preserve our true selves in an 'I' driven, robotic world. What is existence but to be a vessel of imagination and inspiration; to create and produce an unrestrained amount of love and cords of connectivity to ourselves and nature? To produce peace and ignite a mental and emotional thought process that makes you more than a man, but a celestial force of nature, a hurricane with a heart."