Savanah Norman

Beauty – Salt Lake City

Savanah fell in love with makeup right when her mom finally said she could start wearing it. She has been doing makeup on clients for 2 and a half years and makeup on herself as a hobby since she was 14. She loves being able to put her creativity into something she absolutely adores and always educates herself on current makeup trends. Not only does she have a passion for makeup, she has the passion to help every person she meets feel beautiful and confident as well. She prides herself in being very sanitary while working on clients, having a kit with diverse shades and tones, and using unique colors that go well with my skin-tone. Savanah always appreciates opportunities to show her skills, teach people tips she uses, practice, and receive feedback to improve her work as a makeup artist. She goes above and beyond for her clients and work with them on any concerns they might have. Savanah strives to build genuine relationships with her clients as well as make them feel comfortable and being compassionate and reliable. She always likes to remind her clients that they are beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. Savanah is beyond excited to continue learning and having experiences to keep her passion for makeup alive for many years to come.