Visual Art – Seattle

"MammaTrain" Trina R Sellers is the Seattle based "Original Spartist" (Spazzy Photographic Art), who combines light, color, lines and textures to create her works. At an early age, she was inspired by her grandparent's world travels. Her dream was to be a National Geographic photographer or a cruise ship event planner. Raising her two children first, she attended Visual Communication classes alongside her daughter, a fine artist, at Shoreline Community College. Over the years, Trina has been involved in Seattle's music, film and entertainment industries. She is a former member of the Recording Academy and she is an experienced business owner. In addition to visual art, she enjoys writing poetry, game design and children's books. Trina is a full time caregiver for her adult disabled son and she is a new grandmother. Her favorite past times include hiking, camping and traveling with a camera in hand.