Marcus Hynes

Visual Art – Vancouver

A Newfoundlander by birth, I relocated to British Columbia in 2009, fell in love at first sight, and have been hard at work building a life of conscious self-direction in Vancouver ever since. Artistically, I draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, owing as much to the beauty and wonder of the natural world as I do to vintage maps, comic books and old-school video games. The vast majority of my work is self-initiated, and this has been absolutely integral to my success as a designer. I create for myself first and foremost, and regard my work as a means of celebrating and expressing gratitude for all of the beauty, joy, and abundance in my life. British Columbia is about as close to my personal definition of paradise as it gets, and so naturally it has become the focus of much of my work. I have also had the honour the privilege to do commissioned work for some truly wonderful clients, including CBC Vancouver, the Museum of Vancouver, the University of British Columbia, Mt. Seymour and Sea to Sky parks. Outside the realm of the creative arts, I am passionately interested in the exploration of human potential, consciousness, and spirituality. I envision a prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future for all life on this planet, and believe that art and creative expression have an integral role to play in helping to raise consciousness and inspire personal and collective change.