Marjan Qasemi

Visual Art – Toronto

Marjan is a Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario, with over 11 years of experience as a freelance artist. Her portfolio boasts a diverse range of styles, reflecting her passion for experimentation with various mediums. Marjan has lent her talent to creating cover art for independent musicians in the vibrant music scene of Toronto. Marjan draws inspiration from sources as varied as miniature art, old comics, pop art, and traditional artwork. Marjan's creations defy strict categorization. She believes in allowing her art to speak for itself, stating, "It is what it is and what you like it to be." As a successful candidate, Marjan emphasizes the importance of a clear and comprehensive research process, coupled with explorative techniques, to support the development of her final artworks. Her proficiency in efficient ideation methods and her ability to work both independently and collaboratively with leads and fellow artists is evident in her portfolio. Marjan consistently demonstrates strong artistic interpretation skills, making her a valuable asset to any creative team. Marjan looks forward to collaborating with artists from diverse backgrounds in the future.