Photography – New York - Brooklyn

The versions of myself that manifested throughout my life were multi-faceted, yet always in the position of a creator. This creativity was largely supported by family and friends, whom I watched grow to be fantastic artists themselves, in whatever field their hearts desired. Contrary to traditional culture, I was not taught to avoid a professions in the arts, but instead instilled with the idea that if I work hard enough, and follow what I am truly passionate about, I will live a fulfilling and successful life. I find this fulfillment in learning and perfecting my craft, photography. Nothing is more satisfying than spending hours contemplating a lighting set-up, and then having it finally be a success and being able to share that image with confidence. With that being said, I seek to create images that are timeless, elegant, and breathtaking - ones that leave the viewer wondering how I captured them. And while my experience in photography has been just under a year, eventually the goal is to become a highly recognized photographer; but for now stay tuned on my journey via Instagram: mayalouisphoto or at!