MAYA Garcia, Visual Artist, Maya's Divine Designs

Visual Art – San Francisco

Maya’s Divine Designs: intuitive-based, abstract art, with a tilted sense of distance. In my work, things that would usually be seen from a distance are shown up close, and vice versa. I deliberately break the rules of perspective and spatial reality, to evoke the feeling that you’re living inside a lucid dream. I break the rules you’d learn about light, shade and negative spaces in art school, because I never went. I didn’t need to unlearn the rules to find my vision, because I never learned them in the first place. I am a self-taught artist, and my work is characterized by either dynamic, sweeping brushstrokes or intricately minute detailing, vibrant colors, and almost zero negative space whatsoever. You can say that my style is pristine, and not influenced too heavily by any other artist, or movement.