Md Lyonga
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Music – Toronto, ONT

MD Lyonga is a Cameroonian rapper based in Canada. Many were born with a silver spoon in their hands but heck, some are just genetically incarnated to run the show. Md started as a soccer player as young as 5, from where he has gathered the Best Player trophies from soccer tournaments such as inter schools, quarters and the TOP CUP (soccer games organized by brasseries, the soft drinks production company in Cameroon). With a Christian background he attended a local "Pentacostal" Church in Buea where he developed some interest in music as he started writing hymns in high school. He later joined a dance crew at the university of Buea in 2004 around which time he joggled singing and rapping till date. Running Trackzone Records Buea from 2009, the sinew MC has piled a catalogue of unofficially released music with extreme versatility in rhyme - "poetry and prose" embellished with intriguing punchlines introduced by his famous phrase... "I swallow spit". The Rapmonsta left Cameroon in 2013 yielding to his passion to travel and see the world. He just started putting out some new music this 2017. He is looking forward to reinventing himself, making it a major goal to simply put out music with intentions of finding the sound that connects with his fans and then serve them intoto withholding nothing. Presently, MD has created a registered label in Canada called Trackzone Dynasty to which he is signed. Driven and inspired by nature, MD sees himself in a third-person-singular perspective as an inspiratation to himself. He studies music legends in the likes of Tupac, Nas, Stevie Wonder, R Kelly, Kanye West and many more. He is also inspired by the socioeconomic and political atmosphere of his country and the world, earning him the ascription of a conscious rapper. Going through a reinvention process while we see signs of legendary art we can already tell if the wait was worth it. ...more