Meg and Al

Performing Art – New York - NYC

Megan McBrian is a dance performer whose additional creative personalities include: freelance creator, multi-dimensional collaborator and educator. Originally from San Jose, CA, Megan began her dance training at the age of two and has studied extensively in the styles of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and modern throughout her career. In 2016, she received a B.F.A. in Dance from San Diego State University, and was a member of the SDSU Dance Company where she continued to perform and adapt her personal movement aesthetic. She has attended programs including the American Dance Festival six-week school, ADF Winter Intensive 2015 and the San Diego Dance Theater Summer Workshop. Most recently, Megan made the cross-country move from California to New York to further pursue her dance career and expand her network of dance collaborators and fellow movement inventors. Alexandra Wood, an ardent dancer, physical linguist, multi-sensory innovator, fashionista and poet is originally from San Jose, California and received her BFA in Dance from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. At Tisch, she trained with influential phenoms such as Pamela Pietro and Rashaun Mitchell, and performed works by Merce Cunningham and Bill T. Jones. In addition, she has performed original works by Sidra Bell, Rosie Herrera, and Jack Ferver who further ignited her passion for dance theatre and collaborative processes. She has also attended prominent supplementary programs including American Dance Festival-Six Week School and ADF Winter Intensives 2014 and 2015 where she was honored to receive the Charles L. and Stephanie Reinhart Scholarship. Currently, Alexandra is a proud company member of Michiyaya Dance and simultaneously engages in numerous projects that challenge her spectrum of passions and capacities including acting and choreographing. As a freelance dancer and collaborative artist in Brooklyn, Alexandra intends to incorporate her aesthetic compulsions and versatility across all senses, art forms and audience immersion formats to evoke, excite and elevate the awakenings of creative humanity. She is deeply grateful for the love and constant support from her family, friends and mentors who have helped shape an incredible amalgamation of transcendent life experiences for her thus far. Megan and Alexandra grew up in sunny San Jose, California and have been inseparable since the age of 12. Since relocating to Brooklyn, they continue to smile and laugh constantly, bond over their passion for contemporary dance and crafting, and pursue their dreams together, hearts and hands intertwined. Through West Coast Dreamers, the best friends wish to spread love, happiness and awareness while fostering the notion that the wildest of dreams are attainable if you follow your heart.