Meghan Pollock

Photography – Toronto

I'm a Toronto-based artist and photographer. My artistic journey has been a winding path, a story of dreams deferred and rediscovered, and a testament to the transformative power of creative expression. Decades ago, I briefly studied drawing and painting at OCAD, but the demands of a conventional career and motherhood pulled me away from my artistic aspirations. For years, I silenced my inner artist, deafening her pleas to be set free. It took the unexpected tumult of the pandemic to rekindle the flames of creativity within me. In the midst of uncertainty and anxiety, I turned to photography to capture the world around me. What began as a new therapeutic hobby soon blossomed into a profound passion, reigniting my artistic self. This creative reawakening was a gift, a lifeline from the universe that arrived just when I needed it most. Earlier this year, I had a serious health scare from which I’m still recovering. Art became my refuge, the salve for my healing process. My approach to photography is deeply intuitive. I seek to capture not just the physical form but the essence of a subject, revealing its spirit. I look for patterns and interconnections, focusing much of my attention on what’s happening inside the space between things. I somehow find its emptiness both calming and exciting at once, like the soft whisper of promises in your ear. Juxtapositions fascinate me, and I am drawn to the dichotomies of the natural world and the urban landscape. Toronto, with its duality of beautiful green spaces and gritty-city pretty, provides an endless source of inspiration. I love water, woods, and warehouses; flowers and electrical towers; sunrise skies and skyscrapers; rust and rainbows; gardens and graffiti; birds, bees, and buildings – and alliteration too! The images I will be showcasing capture my journey of healing and creative reawakening.