Megan Gair
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Visual Art – Winnipeg, MB

Hi, I'm Megan <3 I'm a 24 yr old artist living in Winnipeg. I make both traditional art, digital art, and a mix of both mediums. I focus mostly on ink drawings using pencils, pens and markers, painting, or the program Procreate. Though i can be pretty versatile and enjoy trying new things. I'd describe the art i make as very dreamy, bold, and characterized illustrations; heavily inspired by manga/anime/graphic novels and pop surrealism. I used to not use much colour in my work, and would always use lots of black but nowadays i find myself straying from that and living in vibrant or pastel colours a lot. I hope to display my artwork more in the future! I also play a lot of music with the guitar, piano, my voice, and ukulele. i usually do covers but I'm planning to create my own sound this year<3 ...more