Mehndificent Art by Sharon S.

Visual Art – Dallas - Fort Worth

I truly believe that art saved my life. As a kid, I used to draw on and off during stressful times. Later on in life, I went through a rough time, and while I was in my lowest of lows, I remembered what I once went to for comfort. I picked up a pen and started drawing, and have never been the same since. Art is such a big part of me now. It has transformed my life in a positive way, and here I am, achieving things that I never thought I could. For this reason, in every piece, I place a \"sun\" in the form of a round object (called a mandala). This underlying theme is to illustrate that in every circumstance, there is always a positive outlook, or a reason to be thankful. I can draw almost all styles (cartoons, realism, abstract), but I prefer abstract with intricate henna/mehndi details. Because my style takes so much time, I just pick up my pen or paintbrush and start drawing/painting with no use of rulers or a compass. While \"in the zone\", hours seem like minutes and I get so engrossed in my art that I sometimes forget to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner. In a world full of darkness and problems,I consider art to be my light; my solution. When I look at my art, it reminds me to be thankful for all I have. I will forever be grateful and humbled for this wonderful gift that God has given me.