Mei Meii
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Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

Mei Meii was born in Los Angeles, California and raised on the island of Puerto Rico, allowing her to become exposed to a wide array of cultures and influencing her diverse personality.Encouraged from an early age to be herself, Mei Meii discovered her nature by creating a world through the arts with crafts such as jewelry, recyclable projects, customizable trend styles with hair and fashion, paint and pencils, dance, theatre, sports; in all, any medium that would allow her mind to express the abstract world she lived in.Mei Meii pursued the Arts in the University of Puerto Rico and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, earning a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and an Associates in Fine Arts. The experience allows her art to fuse mixed medias, such acrylic art with graphic work, expanding and creating possibilities. Mei Meii brings you art without taboos, or restrictions. Perfoming as a featured artist in local art shows, pop-up galleries, private events, and social venues, her art inspires all of those who have thought that at any point an idea was too crazy to make happen. As if paint and graphic wasn’t enough, Mei Meii was presented with the opportunity to make her passion permanent, with body ink, as a professionally licensed tattoo artist in the city of Los Angeles. Representing the Caribbean heat and the free-spirit of the west, tattooing became another tool of art in 2011. ...more