Melissa Helene

Visual Art – Minneapolis

Melissa Helene is an emerging artist living and working out of Central WI. She is an uncredentialed artist who has been learning and growing as an artist for over 10 years. She is currently an Active member of the International Society for Scratchboard Artists (ISSA). Her work strives for highly detailed realism that focuses on the minute details of both the everyday and the exotic, celebrating what creates individuality. The main source of inspiration for her artwork comes from the natural world – animals and landscapes – and personal connections between people and people + their environment. Artist Statement: By focusing on the minute details that make every being unique, you capture the very essence of their soul. As an artist, I strive to capture the true nature of the people, creatures, and lands that together make up the breath-taking world that surrounds us; from the critters that scurry under our feet to our dearest companions, the fields and streams of our backyards to the forests and mountains of foreign lands, as well as the people who hold our hands, touch our hearts and cross our paths. My work represents individuals as they are, finding beauty in their every aspect. There is magnificence in everything, if we only take a minute to stop and appreciate it. While I use a variety of mediums and techniques, my work is consistently done in black and white allowing the focus to be on the details.