Melissa Uroff

Photography – Sacramento

I have been photographing for forever. I found myself in a darkroom at the age of 13 and never have looked back. It smells so good in there. While I do still use film, I have encorperated digital into my life. However I do not use photoshop. If you do it all in the camera you dont really need it. If you have shot a roll of film you know this. I enjoy mixing processes, for example, a digital negative with a historical process. I love what I do. Catching the light or a moment...It is pretty fantastic to see something, capture it and make someone else feel what you feel. I suppose I am rambling a bit. So I will end it with this. Avedon said \"My portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph\" Which I can not find more true. So look at my work, it will explain me much better then I ever could here.