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Visual Art – Sacramento, CA

Double-majoring in Design and Psychology at the University of California, Davis, I continued to develop my craft while designing for a local non-profit organization, Culture C.O.-O.P., working at a local print shop, Copyland, and then interning for Sutter Health as a Graphic Designer. I currently engage my design and marketing skills with the Santa Cruz Warriors from handling social media and creating logos, to promotional giveaways and jersey designs. Balancing my day job with personal creative work, like brush lettering and watercolor painting, I enjoy exploring ways to layout words and images. The idea of play is necessary in keeping the mind open to new innovative thoughts, so I continue to dabble in passion projects on my own. My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to not only present information in a clear and concise manner, but also to make sure each part of the graphics I create serves a purpose in a dynamic way. ...more