Michael Mejia
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Visual Art – New York - Brooklyn, NY

Michael Mejia (Meh-HEE-uh) American-Colombian artist, with a diverse international background in art, a versatile, mixed-media skill-set and a unique conceptual vision. Best known for his hyper-realistic animal body paintings, Michael uses his art as a tool for cultivating metamorphoses as well as a means of making a social statement. His vibrant, transformative body paintings have delighted adults and children across several countries as well as being comissioned by high-profile clients such as Claudia Schiffer, Jason Derulo and Timbaland. Semi-finalist on the show "Skin Wars"(Body painting reality Tv Show competition, hosted by Rebecca Romijn and judged by RuPaul Charles) Season three, on GSNTV (Game Show Network Television) and streamable on Netflix, much to the consternation of the judges — demonstrated his burgeoning penchant for out-of-the-box artistic exploration (for example, by creating elaborate, unexpected props). Born and raised in New York City. From the age of 11 to 17, he lived in Bogota, Colombia,, then moved to Philadelphia for one year, after which he attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City (2009-2013). Mejia's TV appearances began in April 2016 as a contestant on Reality TV show competition "Skin Wars", later was a body painting mentor on "Fresh Paint" and has been interviewed on Telemundo, Acceso Total, The zoo and others. Shortly after the airing of the Show Mejia has an exclusive interview with HIV Plus magazine in which he opens up for the first time about being HIV-positive. The interview was also printed on the Advocate November-December issue, and since then Michael has become a well known advocate for HIV an AIDS. While studying Graphic Design and Fine Arts at SVA, he worked part time as a face and body painter. With each project, Michael became more and more aware of the magic and art of body painting, eventually, completely falling in love with the art form. He currently lives in New York City and works as a face and body painter full time world wide. “I’m passionate about the ephemerality of body painting, it is a reflection of my abundant life experiences. I have been exposed to many polarities from a young age and have had to adapt to different cultures, social classes and to the dialectical movement of life. Parallel to all of these life experiences, body painting is transitional, which is why I’m enamored with this medium. The beauty and impact that the body paintings have, come partially from the knowledge that they will not endure.” ...more