Michelle Pujol

Accessories – Brisbane

Michelle Pujol was born in South Africa and is a Brisbane-based artist with a contemporary approach to jewellery. She creates sculptural forms that express her passion for the botanical world around her, sketching in silver and gold. The three dimensionality and detail of her work keeps the viewer and wearer intrigue by the botanical forms. Since 2007 Michelle has exhibited in Durban, Cape Town in South Africa, and Brisbane, Gold coast, and Miles in Australia. Michelle currently runs her own home based jewellery business in Brisbane, which has an extensive range of products, choosing the richness of her sculptural products to defuse and simplify to more commercial pieces for sale. Michelle uses the opportunity of exhibitions as a way to push the boundaries of her art and enrich her daily practice. Michelle completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in jewellery design and manufacture in 2006 and a Diploma of Visual arts majoring in Ceramics and painting 1999, from the Durban University of Technology. Whilst studying in 2002 Michelle was given the opportunity to use her knowledge of art and design to teach Drawing, Design and short courses in Jewellery manufacture and continued to do so until 2008. Michelle hopes to return to teaching in the future as the act of teaching was incredibly rewarding for her. Michelle continues to find ways of stepping out of her comfort zone, pushing her art and expressing herself.