Mike Fate
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Music – Detroit, MI

A 22-year-old Hip-Hop artist from Detroit, Michigan. "I've been making music since I was 18 and I'm a co-creator of "Wave Culture". In 2013, my first song named "Milkduds & Asscheeks" was performed after winning a contest to be on A-105 Radio in Atlanta." Since then he's gotten clothing sponsors including "Rude Boy Clothing" in Paris, "Cash And Relax" in Detroit and "Swag Official" in Dubai. He's also thrown shows at Maccabees At Midtown named "Mics@Maccabees" that was featured in the MetroTimes and have traveled to different states including California, ATL, and New York. "My 8th mixtape, "Speak My Peace" was where I spoke on my views of the world, my coming into spirituality, and growth of my consciousness." ...more