Lola Ramona

Visual Art – Los Angeles

Lola Ramona has been making art since she was very young. She began her training with her mother, copying pictures by John Singer Sargent and Gustav Klimt. Lola’s love of art eventually led her to New York, where she graduated with honors from the School of Visual Arts MFA program. In addition to her drawing and painting, Lola’s work is often collaborative and performance based. For two years she traveled the United States with the “Cloud Seeding Circus of the Performative Object”, as both a ‘bear trainer’ and a showgirl, and she gained local celebrity as a Burlesque dancer in New York. Born on a naval air force base in California, She herself has lived in Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hawaii, Texas, Georgia, Boston, and New York. Lola now lives in Los Angeles. Lola’s work has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Japan, and London and graces the homes of numerous collectors.