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Photography – Boise, ID

ID + UT based photographer specializing in ||Portrait||Couples||Wedding photography. I have been doing photography for roughly 7 years now and have loved the camera since. I absolutely love Concept photography as well. This is the type of work I do on the side of my every day clients and put in my full soul into images that I feel really express me almost in a different language. Just as a piece of painted art does for others. In hopes that I can help someone else look at the same image and completely and utterly relate. I put all my creativity into images that make sound. It is something that I feel can say more then words and also something that we all can interpret in many different ways. I have felt that photos are just more then an image, they are a way of expression. When someone looks at the images I create I want them to wonder more. Almost describe it in something they cannot. I think that in itself is beautiful. ...more