Michelle Koster Photography

Photography – Denver

I have been a photographer since the day I was old enough to operate a camera. I have always loved capturing special moments and amazing sights to share with others. Travel photography is especially close to my heart with a strong emphasis on the human spirit and how we interact with each other within our natural environments. I feel that through photography, we can bring the world closer together, gain a better understanding of each other, and learn to be empathetic of other cultures for their unique traits. Turning my lifelong passion into a career, I combined my knowledge from 25 years in the commercial construction industry and life lessons from many solo backpacking trips to be able to create amazing images to share my story as well as each of my client’s stories. Lately, I’ve been experimenting more and found I love building sets and working in the studio with creative lighting. This has opened my horizons to some fun, artistic creations I wouldn’t have imagined previously. Having a controlled environment allows much more power over the technical aspects of the photo, giving my work a new life with color, motion, and interesting props. During a recent trip to Vegas, I had some downtime and decided to walk the strip to see what I could find. In a place with much confusion, everything became clear as it occurred to me photography is the one thing that calms my mind and makes me happy no matter where I am and what type of images I am capturing. I will always love to travel, meet new people, and see amazing sights, especially in developing countries, but there is also much to love in my own backyard. As Tom Petty said, “The future is wide open”, and I plan to take full advantage of this in continuing to grow my skills and my business!