House of Púca

Fashion – Austin

House of ‪Púca‬ is founded on the believe of slow fashion and longevity. We will produce quality staple pieces that the buyer can wear for several seasons and not feel dated. Value is achieved through the length of garments life and high end durable construction as well as our knowledge of current trends . We are eco-consious by reducing our carbon footprint and using natural sustainable fibers and recycled fibers when possible. Malissa was born into the industry, it\'s in her blood. Both her mother and grandmother sew and have done contract labor for a local designer. Malissa got her degree in Fashion Merchandising from Sam Houston State University. Among the classes she took were 2 semesters of construction, man tailoring and a semester of flat pattern. She has been a retail manager,designer and pattern maked, and fabric buyer. Malissa is the only Texas Designer to show at Austin, San Antonio, and Houston FIG Fashion weeks. Malissa also,loves to play with natural dyes,has a day job hand sewing highend Draperies. Joanna - born, raised and educated (psychology MA) in Poland started her professional career in fashion in Los Angeles in 2007, working as a freelance fashion stylist. She moved to NYC in 2010, where she attended Fashion Institute of Technology (fashion design studies) as well as continued her work as a stylist. About a year ago she moved to Austin with her family and started planning on starting her own label.Joanna is also a fashion writer/blogger, online designer resale/vintage boutique owner.