Performing Art – Phoenix

I kick philosophy like Socrates on a soccer team... For some the truth is hard to see (like the wealthy noticing poverty) or a clean nose on Charlie Sheen... SEE I COME FROM A PLACE WHEE YOUNG GIRLS NAMED MARY GO ROUND and get rode more than a mary-go-round... The same place where 19 yr old girls have more kids than Evander Holyfield, THEN GO TO THE CLUB SHAKE THEY ASS GO TO CHURCH THE NEXT DAY in hopes that there holly still... Does that make them a hoe still? NOW HOLD STILL, cause it gets more real! SEE MY POPS WAS A ROLLING STONE, ALWAYS GONE, NEVER HOME... WHILE MOM HAD TO SLIDE DOWN A POLE TO SELL HER SOUL FOR A DOLLA IN HER THONG... BUT despite all that MORE IS WHAT I LIVE FOR... I got the weight of the world on my back and IM STILL SOAR! Everyday I stay hungry like IM STILL POOR! EXPRESSING MYSELF, that's what GOD GAVE ME THIS PEN FOR... I simply a poet who uses my words to inspire and encourage others to be more today than they were yesterday. I was the product of a one night stand, to a mother who is addicted to drugs till this very day. Not knowing my father and living in many foster homes as an adolescent IS WHAT MADE ME DISCOVER MY LOVE FOR POETRY! I used it as a way of expressing my pain and it turned into something much more, MY PASSION! I come from the streets sleeping in parks and homeless shelters as a kid, to an adult who has dedicated his life to inspire our youth! I started my own company 2 years ago when I graduated from college called TRUALITY and we use motivational speaking through the arts. I LOVE LIFE AND MY ART! I keep my faith in God and I stay focused on my dream and inspiring others to do the same.