Moonwater Dance Project

Performing Art – Chicago

After being in the professional dance world for several years, founder Mackenzie King had experienced and witnessed dancers treated like their minds and bodies were expendable. Talent and artistry took a backseat to a person’s packaging. When Dana Alsamsam created Moonwater Dance Project and hired Mackenzie to be a part of a small, one-time performance, each of her dancer’s commitment and talent was valued to create something that was artistically, emotionally, and physically fulfilling. This contrasting experience left Mackenzie feeling inspired to keep a similar environment alive and growing. She approached Dana about the idea, who generously gifted the name, as well as the company’s first piece of repertoire. As a result, Moonwater Dance Project was founded in 2018. In the first stages of the building of her company, Mackenzie strived to focus on what should really matter: artistry, individuality and the ability to be vulnerable. Artists love what they do, so often times they are taken advantage of and will do their art for free or for less than what they deserve. She hopes to someday build something that will allow dancers to do what they love, bar the sacrifice of the quality of their life. The aesthetic of Moonwater Dance Project is similar to water and has a captivating duality. Both are soft yet strong, both nurturing and destructive; a force to be reckoned with and unpredictable. “Just as the water reflects the stars and the moon, the body reflects the mind and the soul.” -Rumi