Morning Mist Soap Co

Craft – Phoenix

Rocio, Translating to Morning Mist is my name. As an Arizona native, I’ve learned to love the desert, Madre Tierra, and the resources she has to offer; so I created resourceful, eco-friendly, zero waste products with plastic-free, reusable packaging. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona; my love for the desert and city runs through my veins. With my culture being a strong reason for my beliefs in respecting our earth I wanted to turn my hobbies in being self-sufficient to an opportunity to teach others how to love their skin, become waste-free and use high quality ingredients all while making the world plastic-free one product at a time. All of my ingredients come from local businesses, farmers markets, or even my mothers own backyard. It is important to me to make a product for you that you love, and know exactly what is in it without the long list of ingredients that can be hard to pronounce. In creation of my products I put my time and energy as well as love into everything including the packaging, to make small gifts and bulk purchases feel important.